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Welcome to the KMfSCC training tool. It is the product of a 2-year study into the UK construction industry and, in particular, an exploration of knowledge management processes in SMEs in the sector.

The research finding that shaped this tool

Research conducted last year found:

  • People rely heavily upon communication to solve day-to-day problems. For project staff, this is almost entirely within the company or the immediate project-related supply chain.
  • The industry values experience very highly and personal communication emerges as the most common, and maybe the most effective, way of transferring learning from experience.
  • Most companies regard training as a means to improve on their existing knowledge.
  • The industry finds it very difficult to capture knowledge gained from experience.
  • A formal KM initiative within a large construction company was developed with a low-level IT investment. Instead, dedicated staff were put in place to deliver and facilitate the initiatives, and, along with senior management backing, appeared to contribute significantly to the initiatives' success.

In response to these findings, this training tool aims to address one of the major concerns of SMEs - capturing the knowledge of staff. However, rather than encouraging firms to document people's knowledge in (expensive) IT systems, the tools explores the ways in which more members of staff can learn the business-critical knowledge of key team members by knowledge sharing. The tool focuses on learning between projects, as this can be one of the greatest challenges to the construction industry.

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