An Approach to Knowledge Management for SMEs

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An Introduction to Knowledge Management

A Comprehensive Collaborative KM repository Davenport’s KM pages) (UK based KM resources site) (Buckman Laboratories KM website)

Knowledge Management Directory

Knowledge Management toolkits

Knowledge Management Emerging Perspectives

Knowledge management measurement and benchmarking

What is Knowledge Management- Initiatives around the world

Education and Training for Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management at IBM, UK

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Management of Knowledge, Innovation Research Unit (MKIRU)

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Li-Hua, R. (2003) 'From Technology Transfer to Knowledge Transfer-A Study of International Joint Venture Projects in China', Paper presented at the 2003 International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) Conference, Nancy, France.

Working papers

Effective knowledge transfer to SMEs. Lessons from marketing and knowledge management 

Strategic Knowledge Management in SMEs: Managing Knowledge Throughout The Organizational Life Cycle 

Across the great divide: HRD, technology translation, and knowledge migration in bridging the knowledge gap between SMEs and Universities 

Small medium enterprise Support System approach to knowledge management in SMEs 

Contributing to sustainable development and economic growth of SME industries under globalization 

SME project: "Employee-supported knowledge management" - Goals, barriers and good practice

Small Companies also need KM 

Knowledge Transfer And Small Businesses 

Knowledge Management: The challenge for Small Business Support

Knowledge Management IT ToolBox

European Guide to good Practice in Knowledge Management - Part 3: SME Implementation

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