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DTI Projects: Summary

Knowledge Management in Construction

The overall objective of this project is to help construction firms make better use of knowledge and become better at learning. It will have an economic impact by eliminating wasteful reinvention of wheels. It will also have a social impact, as KM will act as a catalyst for improving organisational culture and promoting sharing and teamwork.
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Innovation and Best Practice Solutions

To achieve sustained competitive advantage, all organisations need the ability to manage knowledge effectively. To manage knowledge effectively, organisations need to develop mechanisms for knowledge transfer, and a culture of learning, knowledge sharing, and trust.
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The Knowledge Sharing Toolkit

The ‘Knowledge Sharing Toolkit’ - a concise 49 page how-to manual accompanied by nine detailed case studies - shows design practices how to develop a knowledge strategy to support their business objectives, and explains the main tools and techniques for learning and sharing knowledge, and how to use them.
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The Learning from Experience (LfE) Toolkit

The 'Learning from Experience (LfE) Toolkit' is about the PROCESS TOOLS and BEHAVIOUR needed to handle the TACIT knowledge that construction organisations tended to ignore, and about the whole cycle of CREATING it, making it ACCESSIBLE, SHARING it, and INTERNALISING it.
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